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Erica Kruze

Owner and Founder of Buttercup Glo Spray Tan

Certified Spray Tan Artist

I am a Certified Spray Tan Artist. I have traveled to receive top training and certifications by Master Celebrity Tan Artists and the Top Sunless Tanning Companies from across the country. As a member of the Association of Sunless Tanning Professional Organization, I am in constant contact with the leading Sunless Experts on a daily basis for continual training and updates on techniques and products available in the sunless business. 

Through my years of experience in the Beauty and Hospitality industries, I have found that I enjoy empowering people to feel great about themselves no matter who they are or what they are going through!

I know, how does a Spray Tan make one feel “great” about them-self? Well, many Women, Moms, Teens AND Men feel like the beauty world only belongs to the young and thin….I am here to tell you it is for everyone! I am offering a service in the Pittsburgh area that many would not treat themselves to because they are shy, timid, self conscious, busy being an awesome Mom or an introverted person! Having a healthy “Glo” about you makes you feel you can show your legs, arms or whatever even in the cold winter months no matter what insecurities you have. It can even out your skin tone, cover many years of abusing the sun (hello sunbathing in Baby Oil days) and make you feel like you are ready for that special occasion dress or outfit that you must put on. It is that extra boost of confidence that we all search for.

I am 48 years old, have bathed in the sun and used tanning beds all of my life. I had my first scare with skin cancer in 2018. I had it removed from my nose which was super scary and eye opening. I am left with a scar to remind me to do things a healthier way. I want everyone to know there is a FAST, FUN and Beautiful way to get that Glo that does not cause harm to us!

THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! I want you to feel fabulous after our session! Self care and doing things that make us feel better in our own skin should NOT be a "Guilty Pleasure"...doing these things should be a NECESSITY to help our souls.

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